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DTSC "Review" Newsletter selected as the Newsletter of the Month in the July 2006 issue of Classic Motorsports Magazine. Way to go, Andre'! (and Blake Discher for setting the high standard).

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Sept/Oct 2011 Battle Recap
August 2011 Special Battle Souvenir Issue
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January 2009 VTR 48 hour Car rebuild
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September 2008 Battle of the Brits
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June 2008 Ft. Meigs, My First Triumph
May 2008 May Events
April 2008 April Events
Feb/March 2008 Slot car Racing
January 2008 Year End Party
December 2007 Slot car Racing
November 2007 Loud Pants Recap
October 2007 Battle Results, Lotus story, Slot car news
September 2007 BOTB Issue
August 2007 Annual Picnic / TR8 Restoration
July 2007 Mad Dogs
June 2007 Ft Meigs.
May 2007 Spring Begins
April 2007 Junk Yard Wars, Slot Finals
March 2007 Year End Party
February 2007 Slot Races
January 2006 Election Results
December 2006 Slot Cars Races
November 2006 Fall Color Tour/ Herman's Journe
October 2006 Battle Results
September 2006 Battle of the Brits
August 2006 Saline Car Show
July 2006 River Crab Buffet
June 2006 Tech Session
May 2006 British Summer Knights
April 2006 DTSC Bowling
March 2006 Slot Car Racing, Florida Car show
February 2006 Scot car Racing
Dec/January 2006 Kart to Kart, Slot Car Racing, - Farewell Blake on your last issue - Great Job
November 2005 Fall Color Tour
October 2005 Battle of the Brits 2005
Sept 2005 Dave and Moe's adventure
Aug 2005 Murder Mystery, Two Tickets to Pittsburgh, Maddogs Show
July 2005 Tech Session
June 2005 Member Directory, Covered Bridge Tour
May 2005 Ancaster Swap Meet, Stag Tranny rebuild, Kaletta MotorSports Recap.
April 2005 BMW revives the Triumph Brand, Slot car Racing
Feb/March 2005 Year-End Party, Joe in Back
January 2005 Petangue Fun, Articles needed
December 2004 Kart 2 Kart
November 2004 2004 Reliability Run / Highway to Hell / Russ Beck Fundraiser
October 2004 2004 Battle of the Brits
September 2004 Cherry Bowl Drive In Adventure, Plaid Pants Golf Outing
August 2004 Ken's Car Cronicles
July 2004 Herman's Scavenger Hunt, Graitot Cruise, London Car show, VTR Update
June 2004 Spring Tech Session
May 2004 Belle Isle Photo Clinic
April 2004 Spring Tune Up
March, 2004 Safety Trailer Towing
February, 2004 Life with a TR7
January, 2004  
December, 2003  
November, 2003 Rarest TR of all: The 1980 Triumph TR7 Spide
October, 2003  
September, 2003 Can't find a clean used TR8? Why not build your own.
August, 2003  
July, 2003  
June, 2003 Getting your British Classic ready
May, 2003  
April, 2003  
March, 2003  
February, 2003  
January, 2003